9 benefits of ducted reverse cycle heating & cooling installation

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ducted reverse cycle heating and cooling

Time to break out the thick doonas and winter coats, because winter is well and truly here!

And with the cold weather comes a rush on heating installation and repairs.

Do you live or work with a heating system that’s seen better days? Struggling to keep warm during May – before winter has even officially started?

If so, there’s good news: our air conditioning team also provides excellent heating solutions!

One of the best? Ducted heating and cooling systems in Melbourne.

But what is it about ducted heating and cooling that makes this system such a good choice?

Benefits of ducted reverse cycle heating and cooling

If you know anything about ducted reverse cycle air conditioning, you’d know that its biggest advantage is its ability to provide both heating and cooling using the one system.

Instead of having to install separate heating and cooling systems, you’ll be able to enjoy powerful heating and cooling with the one ducted system.

And that means:

  • Year-round comfort
  • Reduced installation costs
  • Greater control

Of course, these are only some of the advantages of ducted reverse cycle heating and cooling – this type of system also comes with a range of other advantages, including…

1) Energy efficiency

Who wouldn’t want to cut down their energy bill?

The good news is that ducted heating and cooling systems don’t just save money upfront by reducing the need for two installations – they’re also more energy efficient.

Traditional heaters work by “creating” heat – this is an extremely energy-hungry process.

By contrast, ducted reverse-cycle heating and cooling uses the heat pump principle.

Essentially, they transfer warmth from warm air to cool air.

When set to heating mode, that means pulling warmth from outside air and transferring it to your cold indoor air – when set to cooling mode, it simply switches this process around.

Heat transfer is a natural process – thus, it consumes significantly less power too!

Our team also offers high-efficiency ducted systems such as VRV/VRF air conditioners which can bring your power bill down even further.

heating and cooling companies melbourne

2) Zoning

Many people assume that when you turn on your ducted heating or cooling, it gets to work on your entire house, a huge waste of energy if you’re only using a couple of rooms.

While this may be the case in older systems, you know have more control than ever before, thanks to zoning.

A zoned ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system gives you total control of your climate by letting you open or shut off zones to redirect airflow.

Using a series of gates built into the ductwork, our heating and cooling team in Melbourne is able to give you individual control over which rooms are cooled.

Depending on how you want your ducted heating and cooling setup, we can create zoning systems that allow you to:

  • Warm specific areas while shutting off airflow to empty rooms
  • Separate your business’ heating and cooling needs by region
  • Warm upstairs and cool downstairs

Just another way ducted heating and cooling can save you money!

3) Quiet operation

Are you looking for air conditioning that lets you enjoy a peaceful and quiet night, particularly while the family tries to sleep? 

Good news: ducted reverse cycle heating and cooling is whisper quiet!

Our team carries a wide range of ducted systems, all of which are selected based on their volume as well as their power. Not only that, but some come with quiet operation modes as well.

4) Improved air quality

Health is an important factor in choosing the best air conditioning system.

Since we’re dealing with air here, your ducted heating and cooling system can potentially blow odours, dust, bacteria and more all around your house.

Some of today’s advanced systems, however, come with in-built protection.

Utilising a series of filters, your ducted heating and cooling system catches these particles, ensuring that your home gets only fresh, clean air.

Of course, these filters need to be cleaned and maintained regularly – and that’s something our heating and cooling team in Melbourne can do for you!

5) The ultimate in flexibility

Melbourne’s weather is famously unpredictable. One day, it could be freezing cold and hailing – the next, sunny and balmy.

As such, it’s important that your home comfort solution is flexible enough to deal with both.

Ducted heating and cooling fits the bill perfectly.

With the ability to switch between heating and cooling with the press of a button, ducted reverse-cycle heating and cooling is the perfect comfort solution for Melbourne homes (and for all kinds of weather conditions we face throughout the year!)

6) It looks fantastic

You’re building the home of your dreams. You’ve got a very specific idea of what you want the inside to look like.

The last thing you want is bulky-looking, visually unappealing wall-mounted units ruining your clean walls!

Ducted reverse cycle heating and cooling – like most ducted systems – fits flush with your ceiling or floor.

Low-profile vents ensure that you don’t have to put up with any visual clutter or distraction in your living room.

ducted heating and cooling systems

One-day installation… including ducted reverse cycle heating and cooling!

When people think about ducted heating or cooling installation, most people think of a long, arduous process that takes several days to complete.

That’s how it used to be – however, the Alpha Air team has refined its process and has cut it down to a single day!

When we first turn up for our initial inspection, we don’t just evaluate what type of system you need – we also dive deep, finding out exactly where everything is in your ceiling and structure, as well as identifying the most likely complications.

Armed with this knowledge, we return to our home base and get to work planning.

We figure out exactly what needs to be done, figure out what we need and plan for each contingency.

Come installation day, this plan springs into action. With our wealth of experience and training, we get the job done in a single day!

Planning to install a ducted system in your home?

Contact Alpha Air’s heating and cooling team in Melbourne today!

So it’s settled – a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system is the right choice for your home.

Now all you have to do is find someone to install it for you!

One-day installation is just one of the reasons to entrust your home comfort to Alpha Air. Our team ensures your home gets the perfect heating and cooling solution for your needs.

And it isn’t just ducted heating and cooling installation, either – we provide a wide range of ducted heating and cooling services. In addition to installation, we can also:

And it all starts with a single phone call!

For a more comfortable home, contact Alpha Air on 1300 854 525 or click here to organise a FREE quote! You can also visit us for heating and cooling in Melbourne: pop into our office at F6 / 310-312 Governor Rd, Braeside VIC 3195.

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