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Custom aircon systems

Each of our air conditioning installations is tailored to suit the client. We design HVAC solutions from the ground-up for guaranteed performance and results.

Unique solutions

We offer extras including Wi-Fi control and advanced zoning systems, embracing emerging technology to offer a greater level of control and comfort.


In addition to 12+ years under the Alpha Air name, our team also includes VBA Master Plumbers and Licensed Mechanical Plumbers.

Ducted Air conditioning systems

Sick of sweltering through Christmas? Choose Alpha Air’s range of ducted air conditioning systems to stay cool for the summer.

Using a combination of our experience in the industry and our vast understanding of a home’s specific requirements and parameters, the Alpha Air team helps you understand the most suitable ducted air conditioning system based on your needs.

No longer is it a challenge to navigate the waters of ducted cooling: we’ll protect your family’s comfort come those hot summer days, and we’ll help you avoid breaking the bank while we’re at it!

Refrigerated Ducted Air Conditioning

Heating and Cooling Melbourne

Refrigerative cooling operates by removing (transferring) heat from your home using refrigerant gases, before returning the now cooled air back into your property.

This cycle repeats, further cooling your property until the target temperature is achieved.

Like the name suggests, this is the same principle that powers your refrigerator and keeps your food cold!

Unlike evaporative cooling, refrigerated cooling is unaffected by humidity, functioning the same regardless of whether it’s dry heat or humid.

This makes it a more versatile and powerful alternative to evaporative cooling.

Ducted Airconditioning Extras

ducted reverse cycle heating & cooling

Power. Extensive coverage. Consistency throughout your house. These are the main selling points of ducted cooling.

However, your ducted cooling system can also include so much more!

The Alpha Air team specialises in zoned ducted cooling in particular. Using butterfly dampers or special gear dampers that can allow variable air control down to 10%, you’ll be able to control airflow and individual temperature control per zone. This type of setup can save more than 30% on power bills in some cases!

With clever zoning, you can cool only the rooms you’re in, whether that’s the living room during the day or the bedrooms at night, ensuring not only a more efficient system, but a lower power bill, too.

Interested in ducted air conditioning installation in Melbourne? Alpha Air is your go-to team!

Evaporative cooling

Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Did you know that when moisture evaporates, it takes heat along with it?

This is how sweat keeps us cool… and it’s also this principle behind evaporative air conditioning that keeps your house cool when the weather warms up.

Evaporative cooling functions by cycling warm air through wet pads, with the resulting evaporation cooling the air. This type of cooling functions best in drier climates – luckily for you, Melbourne summers tend to be quite dry!

Evaporative cooling is one of the most efficient and eco-friendly ways to consistently cool an entire home. It provides a refreshing breeze through the house while keeping running costs at a bare minimum.

If you’re after a system that works as you entertain, with the doors and windows open, then evaporative cooling is for you!

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