Ducted air conditioning service and repairs, explained

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You take your car in to get serviced once a year to keep it in good working order.

Every 12 months, you get your mechanic to look over its fluid levels, inspect crucial parts and systems and fix anything that needs fixing.

Why should your ducted heating and cooling system be any different?

While Melbourne’s climate isn’t quite as extreme as it is in other parts of the world, that doesn’t mean that our summers are all pleasant and mild. Imagine trying to get from November to March without air conditioning – no thanks!

Our heating and cooling company in Melbourne is committed to keeping your home comfortable all throughout the year.

That doesn’t just mean ducted air conditioning installation, either – it also encompasses ongoing air conditioning repairs and service.

Unfortunately, it’s something that most homeowners in Melbourne pay barely any attention to –  until something goes wrong, that is!

The usual suspects: what are the most common air conditioning repairs in Melbourne?

Our heating and cooling company in Melbourne has seen (and fixed) it all.

Over the years however, we’ve noticed that there are a couple of issues that tend to pop up more frequently than others.

Is your ducted heating and cooling struggling to keep you comfortable? If so, there are good odds it’s one of these problems!

Dirty ducts

How often do your air conditioning ducts get cleaned out? Not often enough, if you’re like most people!

Yep, just like the rest of your home, your air conditioning ducts build up with dust and other particles over time. After a while, this can affect your system’s performance.

This is especially true if it gets stuck in your filters – once your filters are blocked, air (be it cool or warm) isn’t going to flow to the rest of your home.

Not only that, but any air that does make it might carry dust and other airborne debris with it!

While cleaning out a split-system is easy, cleaning dirty ducts in a ducted system requires help from a professional, especially if the blockage is further down your ducts.

Duct leaks

Most domestic ducted air heating and cooling systems use ducts made of flexible silver foil, which allows them to be installed in a wider range of buildings compared to the sheet metal ducts.

Unfortunately, this comes with some problems: namely, the fact that these ducts are susceptible to tearing and ripping.

Whether it’s a colony of possums in your roof (a huge problem in itself) or the material itself just wearing out at one of the seams, tears in your ductwork can lead to air escaping before it’s able to reach you.

And that in turn means less effective heating and cooling, as well as wasted electricity.

Depending on the severity of the issue, our team can either patch up the tear or if need be, replace the damaged section of ductwork completely.

Coolant leaks

Air conditioning refrigerant is the key to the entire heating and cooling process.

Using heat transfer principles, your air conditioning system transfers heat from your air into this coolant, before pumping the now-cool air back into your home.

And when it comes to heating, your system just reverses this process.

Without coolant, how is your ducted reverse-cycle heating and cooling system supposed to work at all?

Coolant leaks can be a major problem, stopping your heating and cooling system from working at all.

To make matters worse, air conditioning refrigerants can also cause chemical burns if they come into contact with bare skin, meaning you can’t even try to clean up the spill on your own without risking your safety!

Our heating and cooling experts have the necessary coolant handling licenses, certifying our ability to safely:

  • Fix refrigerant leaks
  • Top up coolant levels
  • Clean up spills and leaks

heating and cooling companies melbourne

Electrical issues

While problems with your ductwork are the most common issues with ducted air conditioning systems, they aren’t always – sometimes, the issue is electrical in nature.

Whether it’s a section of frayed wiring or a connection that’s come loose, electrical issues can stop your air conditioning system from working like it should.

As we all know, electricity is dangerous – luckily, most of the time you don’t need to call an electrician if your air conditioning system presents with electrical issues.

While we may not be sparkies, our team of air conditioning specialists can perform most routine electrical repairs as part of your air conditioning servicing and repairs.

When’s the best time to schedule ducted air conditioning service in Melbourne?

Ideally, you shouldn’t wait for your system to fail before you schedule an air conditioning repair – in a perfect world, you’d keep on top of your system’s needs with regularly scheduled, proactive air conditioning service.

Whether you’re worried your system won’t make it through summer or it’s simply overdue for an inspection, being proactive can save you a lot of trouble – not to mention, it can save money too!

That just leaves one question: when?

Between emergency repairs and installation jobs, it can be hard to give your system the attention it needs during our peak period – summer.

And while winter is quieter, it’s still our second-busiest season by a long shot. Many people who use ducted reverse cycle heating and cooling realise that their system is struggling to keep them warm, and call us to take a look at it.

That leaves spring and autumn.

During the “shoulder” months, fewer people are using their ducted heating or cooling.

And that means fewer installations, less repair jobs and most importantly, more attention turned towards services and repairs!

Call our specialists for ducted air conditioning service in Melbourne

Air conditioning – where would we be without it?

Probably sweating it out (or alternatively, shivering!)

The only thing standing between you and that outcome is your ducted heating and cooling system – fail to keep it in good working order, and you might find yourself living that pre-air conditioning life once again!

Luckily, our heating and cooling company in Melbourne ensures that this doesn’t need to last long.

Whether it’s an emergency repair, ongoing service or an in-depth pre-purchase inspection, we work hard to ensure that your system is ready for another season.

All you need to do is get in touch!

Give our team a ring on 1300 854 525, or click here to arrange a free quote. You can also visit us for ducted heating and cooling in Melbourne: pop into our office at F6 / 310-312 Governor Rd, Braeside VIC 3195.

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