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Reverse cycle ducted air conditioning

Powerful solutions for rooms of all sizes

Looking to cool your entire house with a single reverse cycle heating and cooling system?

If so, a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system might be just what you need!

While ducted reverse cycle systems use the same operating principle as split systems, they’re simply much more powerful, owing to considerably larger condenser units.

This directly translates to considerably more effective heating and cooling!

The combined flexibility, sheer power, and vast coverage of ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems means you get to enjoy a more consistent temperature throughout your house in both summer and winter.

Planning a new build or major renovation?

Our air conditioning experts will work closely with builders and architects to identify the ideal layout of air conditioning ducts, as well as whether or not special mountings are required.

We work with you from the point of design. We’ll identify issues and ensure that your ducted reverse cycle heating and cooling is seamlessly integrated into your home.

Why ducted reverse cycle heating and cooling is perfect for your home

Ultra-quiet heating and cooling

Temperature isn’t the only thing that affects your comfort – noise levels are also an important part of the equation! Whether you choose a reverse cycle ducted or split system, you’ll enjoy whisper-quiet heating and cooling, maximising your comfort on every level. Enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep every day of the year with a quiet heating and cooling system.

Year-round convenience

Energy efficiency isn’t the only way reverse cycle heating and cooling can save you money – since you’re essentially getting a two-in-one system, you also save money on installation. No need to pay for two different systems to be installed! Alpha Air works hard to minimise installation costs, carefully considering your budget and ensuring that we complete our work as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Unmatched energy efficiency

Traditional heaters are extremely inefficient, as they have to “create” heat. By contrast, reverse cycle heating systems use the heat-transfer principle, where warmth in ambient air is extracted and transferred into the air in your home. This process requires considerably less energy, making reverse cycle air conditioning better for the environment… and your wallet!

Flexible systems

With a reverse system you have the one system providing the benefits of both a heater and air conditioning. Reverse cycle systems don’t just combine cooling and heating – they also dehumidify your air, as well as cleanse it of airborne bacteria, dust and particles. If it’s a ducted, bulkhead, VRV or multi head system you’re looking for, we can design a flexible reverse cycle solution for you!

Compare ducted heating & cooling to other types of systems

See how reverse cycle ducted heating and cooling is the most efficient and effective system to deliver year-round comfort in your home.

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Reverse cycle air conditioning Melbourne

Thanks to reverse cycle technology, ducted air conditioning systems are also capable of providing powerful heating!

Refrigerative air conditioning systems function by taking warm air from your home and removing the heat from it, before pumping it back into your home. It uses specialised refrigerants, which suck the heat out of the air to deliver cooler, fresher air.

Like the name suggests, reverse cycle air conditioning essentially reverses this process, extracting heat from outside air and distributing it through your home.

Reverse cycle technology is found in many system types – in addition to ducted air conditioning and wall-mounted split systems, reverse cycle is also an option for bulkhead, multi head, VRV and heat recovery systems.


Enjoy year-round comfort

It’s thanks to their dual heating and cooling abilities that makes reverse cycle systems one of the most versatile solutions on the market.

They’re hugely popular with homeowners seeking a flexible air conditioning solution (no surprise given Melbourne’s somewhat unpredictable weather!)

Not only does this modern system ensure your comfort all year round, but it’s also considerably quieter and more energy efficient than traditional systems!


At Alpha Air, we understand that you don’t use every single room in your house at the same time. So why waste energy (and money) cooling or heating these rooms? To account for this, our team offers optional zoning as part of all our ducted reverse cycle heating and cooling systems. Using gates built into your ductwork, zoning allows you to reduce or shut off the flow of warm or cool air to rooms that don’t see much use throughout the day. You’ll have the power to turn off the system in separate rooms. And that directly translates to lower energy expenditure and a lower power bill!

Wi-Fi Control

Wi-Fi control allows you to remotely control your ducted heating and cooling system using your smartphone! Alpha Air can give you the ability to: Control your home climate remotely Turn on your heating and cooling remotely Bring the temperature down (or up) before you come home In addition to W-iFi control in new heating and cooling installations, we can also integrate these extras into your existing system, giving you greater control over your home’s climate. Ready to bring your heating and cooling into the 21st century? Talk to our team about adding Wi-Fi control to your system!

Take control of your heating and cooling with these extras

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