Is ducted air conditioning right for me – and my home?

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When we ask the question “is ducted air conditioning right for me”, we actually need to look at the answers from two very important angles:

  • The first, is what you, the customer, wants in your heating and cooling solution
  • While the second revolves around your home and whether it’s suitable to house a ducted system

We’re breaking both angles down to help you understand why ducted air conditioning could be the ideal comfort solution in your home!

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What do YOU want in your ducted air conditioning system?

Do you want to enjoy efficient running costs?

Of course, it goes without saying that most people will want a system that runs efficiently and is cost-effective! 

The addition of zoning (more on that below!) helps to refine your solution and bring down your running costs even more!

While ducted heating and cooling often involve a higher offset at the start (than, say, a wall-hung split), it’s low running costs make it an efficient, long-term solution for your family’s comfort.

Interested in reverse cycle technology?

Many people love the convenience a ducted air conditioning offers: reverse cycle technology means that the one system can both cool in summer and warm during winter.

You only pay for one system

Why install (and pay for) two separate systems to heat and cool? Reverse cycle ducted air conditioning means you can stay comfortable year-round, no matter the temperature outside.  

Efficient heating and cooling

The way reverse cycle technology works is pretty cool: instead of creating heat or cool air directly – which takes up more energy – a reverse cycle system actually takes warm air from the outside and cools it, before dispersing it inside (and the exact same process occurs when you want to be cool!)

Note that it is possible to add cooling to your home’s gas ducted system, but this cooling add-on has some caveats, which often make this a more challenging task:

  • When your gas ducted system is installed initially, you must ensure you leave some room for the add-on to be installed at a later date – something that might not have been considered when your home was built 20, 30, or 40+ years go!
  • You can’t just choose any brand for your add-on refrigerated cooling. Usually, you will need to find an add-on that is compatible with your current gas ducted heating system and brand.

ducted air conditioning melbourne

Do you want a whole-home solution?

If you want a heating and cooling solution that can deliver comfortable air to each room in the house, a ducted air conditioning system is a no-brainer. 

It’s ideal for cooling large areas, or multiple areas at once. 

Do you want the flexibility of zoning?

Zoning is the ultimate way to gain total control over your heating and cooling!

Dividing your home into separate areas (or ‘zones’, as the name suggests!) means you can control which rooms do and don’t receive air flow. 

So while one of its sells is whole-house heating or cooling, ducted air conditioning – with zoning – gives you even greater control. 

Working from home in the study? You want to stay warm during a chilly winter’s day!

But once the workday is over, the study is empty, and the family is cosying up in the living room, you can shut off the study ‘zone’ to redirect air flow.

This helps you to reduce running costs and gain precise control over your comfort solution.

Do you want quiet operation?

Gone are the days of loud ‘window-rattlers’ and air conditioning units that sounded like small jet planes while in operation!

These days, many brands and systems alike use ‘quiet operation’ as a major sell, and while technology improves, systems are getting quieter.

Side note – if your system is unusually loud, it might indicate a problem that requires service or repairs

Are aesthetics important to you?

Many people are turned off the idea of wall mounted split systems simply because they have a distaste for their aesthetics. 

A ducted system, on the other hand, disperses clean air to your entire home using sleek and unobtrusive grilles. These vents can be installed in the floor, ceiling, or walls, depending on your home’s structure and your preference. 

If aesthetics are important to you, a ducted heating and cooling system could be perfect!

Is your home suitable for ducted air conditioning?

The second is something a little beyond your control: it’s the structure of your home.

There are a few critical elements we need to assess to determine how ducted heating and cooling can be installed.

Roof space

In most cases, there must be sufficient roof cavity to successfully install ducted air conditioning. (Ps – a smart alternative is multi-split air conditioning!)

2-storey homes

Similarly with flat roofs, the bottom floor of a 2-storey home can often not accommodate ductwork and all the associated equipment.

In these cases, ducted air conditioning can be installed for the second storey, while an alternative solution, such as multi-split air conditioning, can be used for the ground level. 

Building a new home?

Great! You’re not limited by the factors above. In fact, we ask you to get your builder or architect to engage us early!

It’s critical to get the technical aspects of the installation correct, so let us be a part of your building project. We’ll ensure that your new home is fitted with an efficient ducted air conditioning system that will keep you and your family comfortable for years to come. 

Reverse cycle ducted air conditioning from Melbourne’s Alpha Air

As we hope you now understand, there are a number of factors we must look at when determining if ducted air conditioning is the optimal choice for your home. 

It’s critical we take a look at these important factors to ensure the system we design is efficient, effective, and engineered to last! If you’d like to organise an on-site inspection and learn more about ducted air conditioning, give our friendly team a call on 1300 854 525. Alternatively, get in touch with us online and we’ll get back to you! You can also visit us for heating and cooling in Melbourne: pop into our office at F6 / 310-312 Governor Rd, Braeside VIC 3195.

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