What is reverse cycle air conditioning?

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reverse cycle air conditioning

Make no mistake, in recent years there’s been a strong trend towards do-it-all appliances. Little wonder that air conditioning systems are also starting to add more functions, too!

You’ve probably noticed already, but if you haven’t, the majority of new air conditioning systems that have come out now offer powerful heating as well as effective cooling.

And it’s all thanks to reverse cycle air conditioning.

What is reverse cycle air conditioning anyway?

Before we explain reverse cycle air conditioning, we first need to explain how reverse cycle air conditioners work. Don’t worry, we’ll try to keep it simple – we know that your time is precious!

Essentially, air conditioning systems work through the heat transfer principle instead of creating cold air out of nowhere. 


Because it’s simply more efficient.

When liquid evaporates, it absorbs heat energy – that’s the basic principle that powers your air conditioning.

Your A/C sucks in warm air from outside, before using evaporation to remove the heat from it. Warm air is passed through coils containing specialised refrigerants, triggering the cooling effect.

Like the name suggests, reverse cycle air conditioners are able to double as heaters simply by simply reversing this process.

4 unique advantages of a reverse cycle air conditioner

Unbeatable versatility

Reverse cycle cooling warms your winter and cools your summer, all from a single system.

Really, that should speak for itself!

No need to get two different types of system installed in your home, or manage two separate remotes or thermostats anymore – the one system looks after your comfort all year round.

And since it’s a single all-in-one unit, you’ll also enjoy…

reverse cycle air conditioner

Lower installation cost

Heating and air conditioning installation can be expensive and time-consuming.

Now multiply that by two (or even more) systems, and you can see how the costs can add up!

With only one system to install, reverse cycle air conditioning essentially halves the cost of installing heating and cooling in your home, making air conditioning installation more affordable.

Of course, that isn’t the only way a reverse cycle air conditioner can save you money!

Energy efficiency

Who wouldn’t want to cut their bills down?

Traditional heaters “create” warm air. The problem is that this is a process that can use up an incredible amount of power.

As we mentioned above however, reverse cycle heating operates using the heat transfer principle.

Essentially, physics does most of the work – most of the power your system uses is dedicated to blowing the now-cool air into your home and circulating refrigerant.

And that makes for dramatically more energy-efficient heating come winter.

In fact, according to the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, reverse cycle systems generate 3-6 times as much heating or cooling energy as they use up!

Available in a range of different systems

It isn’t just ducted systems that utilise reverse cycle technology – it can be found in just about any type of system there is:

  • Ducted
  • Split-system
  • Bulkheads
  • Multihead
  • VRV

You name it, and chances are a reverse cycle option exists. Trust us, when we say that reverse cycle air conditioners are the most flexible option on the market, we mean it! 

One-day reverse cycle air conditioning installation

A lot of people hang onto the idea that air conditioning installation is a long, time-consuming process.

Not with us!

At Alpha Air, we’ve made it our mission to offer homes and business all across Melbourne one-day air conditioning installation.

And not just for wall-mounted split systems, either – in many cases, we’re also able to complete your ducted reverse cycle air conditioner in a single day, too!

Before work commences, we conduct an in-depth inspection of the property to identify any challenges we might encounter.

Armed with this information, we create a plan of action, and find ways to work around them BEFORE we start.

Additionally,  we’ve developed highly-refined processes that allow us to streamline the installation process and cut down the amount of time it complete your installation.

Find out more about the importance of system design here, and how it helps us achieve single-day installation!

Need reverse cycle air conditioning in Melbourne? Call Alpha Air today!

So you’ve decided on reverse cycle air conditioning.

If you ask us, you’ve made the right choice!

Of course, that isn’t the only choice you need to make – you also need to choose someone to carry out your installation for you.

Our one-day installation regardless of the type of system is only one of the things we have going in our favour.

Simply put, we’re one of the best in the business.

Just take a look at our feedback: we’ve got a 5-star rating from more than 100 independent reviews – a score that’s almost unheard of in our industry!

Don’t sweat it – leave it to Alpha Air:

Contact the Alpha Air team today on 1300 854 525 or fill in the form to get in a FREE quote today.

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