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VRV / VRF heating and cooling

A powerful system designed for larger houses and commercial properties

  • Simultaneous heating and cooling
  • Efficient running capacity keeps your costs low
  • Suitable for larger homes and commercial properties

VRV/VRF air conditioning Melbourne

Efficient. Robust. Reliable.

VRV/VRF multi split air conditioning systems are a viable solution when a multi split system is not large enough.

A standard multi split system can connect up to 6 indoor units to a single outdoor unit, but for larger applications, a VRV/VRF system is usually required.

With a VRV/VRF system, the combinations are endless due to the increased capacity of the system in the VRV/VRF range.

Benefits of VRV/VRF systems

Simultaneous heating and cooling

ducted heating and cooling installation

Not only does the system offer both heating and cooling for year-round, but it can simultaneously deliver cooling to one part of a building, and heating in another!

(selected models)



Running at its lowest possible capacity, the system provides the exact amount of heating or cooling required to reach the desired temperature. This keeps running costs at an attractive low.


Quiet operation

ducted heating and cooling upgrade and replace

This highly efficient system not only helps save you energy and money, but it also runs at a very low volume, meaning no disruptive noise either inside or outside a property.


When a bigger system is required!

Multi split and VRF/VRV essentially work the same way, with VRF/VRF systems required for much larger applications. You might think that VRF/VRV is suitable for commercial properties only, but they can also be used to meet the climate control demands for families at home.

Luxury home builders

We work closely with builders and architects from the point of design to integrate a comprehensive and robust VRF/VRV system into large scale developments. Enjoy efficient heating and cooling throughout the year with a streamlined VRF/VRV system.

Large Houses

In cases where a standard multi split system is not large enough, we can strategise, design, and install a VRV/VRF system for larger homes throughout Melbourne. The benefit here is that the system can be scaled to meet the demands of occupants in every room of the home!

Property developers

Enjoy increased efficiencies with a sleek, powerful system that allows precise climate control in any zone. A highly flexible VRV/VRF system can be tailored to meet the unique needs of different areas, floors, and spaces, allowing a truly customisable heating and cooling solution.

Commercial Properties

The ideal and typical application for VRF/VRV systems are larger-scale commercial properties with multiple zones, rooms, and areas. So you can keep the boardroom on the upper floor cool during a meeting, while offices on lower floors that face windows can stay warm.

Who Is VRV Suitable For?

VRV stands for Variable Refrigerant Volume while VRF stands for Variable Refrigerant Flow.

While slightly different terms, they are used interchangeably and essentially mean the same thing.

For simplicity’s sake, we refer to these systems as VRV/VRF. 

Variable Refrigerant Flow is a feature that allows the system to modify the flow of refrigerant to not only meet the needs of each individual room (and the people within those rooms), but to also ensure great efficiency and save a large amount of running power.

We have VRV/VRF Solutions from

Is a VRV/VRF Solution right for you?

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