When Should I Get My Heater Serviced? (Cost, Pro Tips, And More)

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When Should I Get My Heater Serviced? (Cost, Pro Tips, And More)

A broken heater can cost anywhere from $100 to $2,000, depending on the specific parts involved. But if you’re trying to avoid replacing an entire HVAC system, it can be even costlier after factoring in labour costs, researching the most suitable heater, and transporting it to your home.

So to avoid all of these headaches, it pays to have your heating system serviced – but how often should you opt for maintenance and what are the specifics?

In this post, our trained team answers everything you need to know about getting your system back up and running, or preventing it from breaking down in the future.

When should I get my heater serviced?

You should get your heater serviced twice a year during spring and autumn, if possible.

While this may seem excessive, regular maintenance checks are crucial for prolonging the lifespan of your overall system. Additionally, if you live in warmer climates and don’t use your heater frequently, servicing it only in autumn as a once-per-year solution will provide your unit with enough T.L.C to maintain longevity.

However, a bi-annual checkup is still recommended to repair any hidden damages and prevent possible health implications. (We can help you with this.)

What happens if you don’t service your heater?

Firstly, any existing issues in your heater will not be repaired in a timely manner, leaving you to run the risk of them getting even worse. These issues can be as simple or as complex as a hole in the vents, ignition failure, or broken circuitry, among many others.

Dust, debris, and bacteria will also build up in your heating system, leaving you at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and allergies, not to mention increasing your chance of internal fires. Aside from all this, regular heater servicing optimises energy efficiency, helping you to save on your rising household bills.

Unfortunately, like most appliances, heaters experience wear and tear over the years. A simple maintenance check will help you replace any inefficient parts, thus lowering your electricity or gas bills and saving you money in the long run.

Getting your heater serviced will also keep your warranty active, with many of these policies requiring you to get your unit serviced annually. Avoiding this might mean your warranty will not cover damages due to lack of maintenance.

Finally, regular heater inspections will prepare you for colder seasons. Even months of idleness can cause issues in your heating system and possibly emit cold air – something you don’t want on a chilly winter’s night in Melbourne.

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How much does a heater service cost?

Depending on the situation, our trained team of specialists will typically service your heater for $250, with an additional $100 for second-storey evaporative coolers.

You can also opt for gas safety checks for RTA compliance for $275 per home.
What can I expect from a heater service?
We check for issues in the entire heating system via visual inspection and instrument readings. Some components we inspect during a heater service include:
– Thermostat
– Heat exchanger
– Fan
– Ignition system
– Ventilation
– Electrical wiring
– Gas pressure
– Switches
– Filters
Stay warm this winter, get your heater serviced
Our trained team of experienced specialists will service any HVAC system in Melbourne, keeping you 100% comfortable and prepared for the coming winter.

For more information about serving your heater, call 1300 854 525 or request a free quote now.



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