Why choose Daikin ducted air conditioning?

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Daikin ducted air conditioning

Get in the zone and enjoy a flexible whole home solution with Daikin ducted air conditioning! 

Ducted reverse cycle heating and cooling is the most efficient way to enjoy year-round comfort, no matter the temperature outside. 

A Daikin ducted system can be installed in a new build or tailored to suit an existing home.

Whatever the weather outside, Daikin provides the ultimate home comfort for you and your family.

Daikin’s ducted systems and reverse cycle technology deliver supreme energy efficiency and lower running costs, whether you want to control one room or your whole home.

Daikin ducted air conditioning products

Daikin ducted air conditioning products are designed to provide year round comfort you can rely on.

These systems are designed by Daikin from the ground up, with compressors, heat exchangers, electronics, radial fans, and other components specifically designed by Daikin.

Choose from a range of styles to suit your new build or existing home!

A zoned Daikin ducted air conditioning system gives you the flexibility to heat and cool a single room, multiple rooms, or every room in your house at the touch of a button.

The perfect whole-home solution

Energy efficient systems

Like all our air conditioning systems, ducted air conditioning from Daikin is designed with the ultimate energy efficiency to ensure lower running costs.

Flexible zoning

Air conditioning ducts can be zoned to ensure you benefit from the optimal energy efficiency and lower running costs.

Choose multiple ‘climate zones’ to suit your lifestyle and manage each zone at the touch of a button from a central single controller.

Out of sight

Once installed, Daikin ducted air conditioning products are so discreet you’ll forget they’re there.

Only the controller return and supply air grills are visible on the inside, while an outdoor unit is positioned in a discreet location outside your home.

Compact design

Daikin ducted indoor units are designed and made at our Sydney factory especially for Australian homes.

Designed to fit into tight roof spaces, the indoor unit can be separated into two sections making it light to carry and easier to manoeuvre through openings and in the ceilings.

 Ultimate energy efficiency

Daikin’s inverter technology adjusts the power used to suit the requirement, providing energy efficiency without compromising on comfort.

The system continually adjusts its cooling and heating output to suit the temperature in the room.

No room for ducting? Discover multi split air conditioning

The perfect compromise for those who want the coverage and power of a ducted air conditioning system, but don’t have the capacity to support ductwork throughout your home’s walls,ceiling, or floor.

A Daikin multi split system puts you in control. With the ultimate versatility, Daikin multi split system air conditioners allow you to heat and cool up to six rooms using a single outdoor unit.

Ideal for houses with limited space for ducting, you can individually control the air conditioning in each room, guaranteeing complete comfort and lower running costs.

Interested in a Daikin ducted system?

Get in touch with Alpha Air to arrange a free inspection and quote!

We’ll come to your home and advise you on whether a ducted system is suitable for your property and help you understand the process, benefits, and costs involved.

Contact the team today! Call 1300 854 525 or fill in this form and we will be in touch.

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