Air conditioning Black Rock

Keep your home comfortable with air conditioning solutions designed for Black Rock residents

Choose a Local Expert for your heating and cooling needs

We’re proud to help local residents and businesses with the right heating and cooling solutions, designed, sourced, and installed by our industry experts.

It isn’t just current residents, either – we also work closely with those who are building or renovating their dream homes in this family-friendly suburb.

Our team works closely with architects and builders from the point of design. We take our trademark system design process and apply it to your blueprint or plan.

We’ll identify any challenges or issues, and make recommendations that work around your design.

Air conditioning installation Black Rock

Looking for the right solution for your heating and cooling needs? The Alpha Air team can work with you from the initial quote through to supply and installation.

Air conditioning service & repairs Black Rock

Your air conditioning system is just like any other equipment – it needs to be serviced regularly to maintain it’s efficiency and extend it’s life. When’s the last time that you had your air conditioning serviced?

Air conditioning upgrade & replacement Black Rock

Whether you want to upgrade, fully replace an existing system, or add in zoning controls we can work with you to get the best solution that will save money and keep you comfortable at home.

Your local heating and cooling specialists in Black Rock

A working and efficient air conditioning solution is the key to dealing with Melbourne weather. Are you looking to install, upgrade, or maintain your air conditioning system in your Black Rock home? We have an established track record of providing outstanding service and installation of  air conditioning in Melbourne.

Air conditioning servicing and maintenance

We aim to deliver fast, reliable, and affordable air conditioning services and repairs across Black Rock and the surrounding suburbs. With years of combined training and experience, servicing all major brands and models of air conditioners, we have gained a reputation as the leading Black Rock’s air conditioning experts. 

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning solutions for Black Rock

We specialize in installing ducted reverse cycle air conditioning for our clients. Reverse cycle ducted air conditioning systems provide discreet air-conditioned comfort throughout the entire household. We can install a ducted system in your new home or tailor it to suit your existing home.  

Alpha Air are the experts when it comes to ducted air conditioning solutions for your home.  Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning offers superior air conditioning solutions in Melbourne for homes by keeping costs low and reducing carbon emissions compared to other heating and cooling solutions. We offer affordable and effective solutions which are designed for the specific needs of your home. 

Black Rock heating and cooling solutions

Our heating and cooling specialists in Black Rock can help you find the best brands of heating and cooling systems for your needs. Additionally, we provide a wide variety of heating and cooling systems from reputable brands in the market. Each of our heating and cooling Black Rock systems will cater to your unique needs.  

We install highly effective heating and cooling systems to keep you cool during the hot summer months and warm during the cold winter months. Regardless of the size of your home, we can provide exceptional heating and cooling solutions to keep your home temperature comfortable throughout all seasons.

Looking for a ducted air conditioning company in Black Rock?

Ducted heating is one of the best ways to keep your property warm. Black Rock residents rely on us to recommend or install systems that heats individually used rooms. We are the leading ducted heating Black Rock experts with experience in handling even the most complicated ducted heating systems. Our ducted heating Black Rock services ensure efficient and cost-effective solutions for your heating needs.

Efficient and effective heating and cooling in Black Rock

Unbeatable efficiency

Our sleek solutions and expert system design ensures you get the most efficient system for your home.

Our selection of systems includes high-efficiency systems with advanced energy-saving technology like VRV/VRF to ensure that your heating and cooling delivers not only complete comfort, but efficiency, too.

One-day installation

We aren’t just talking about split-systems, either – we can also install ducted systems in a day!

Traditionally, ducted heating and cooling systems can take up to a week to install.

This doesn’t have to be the case when you choose Alpha Air for your upcoming ducted heating and cooling installation!

In addition to assessing your needs, our initial on-site inspection also identifies potential challenges and issues we may encounter during the installation process.

This allows our team of ducted aircon specialists to plan around them. Combined with our highly refined processes and quality workmanship, we’re able to get your installation completed to the highest standard in record time!



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