Evaporative Cooling Installation In Melbourne

Why evaporative air conditioning?
  • Delivers 100% fresh air
  • Uses up to 80% less electricity than comparable refrigerated systems!
  • Windows and doors can be left open
  • Greatly reduces costs of staying cool
heating and cooling in Melbourne

Top quality evaporative cooling systems

Evaporative cooling systems are one of the most efficient ways to cool the entire home at once. It provides a refreshing breeze through the space, while keeping the running costs at a bare minimum.
It works by utilising water through the unit on your roof. The only disadvantage is the user has little control of the temperature via the sensors in the house. If this is a definite requirement, then a refrigerated option would be more your choice.

Fresh, Comfortable Air

Delivers 100% fresh air into your home for ultimate comfort.

Energy Efficent

It’s the most energy and cost-efficient way to keep your whole house cool.

Whisper Quiet

State of the art components makes the unit super quiet to run

Built to Last

The cabinet is designed to withstand the harshest of conditions and climates.

Powerful Whole-House Comfort

Keep your entire home feeling fresh, and enjoy alfresco living.

When It Comes To Home Comfort, Alpha Air Does It All

Why choose Alpha Air?

Our family-owned business has long been established as one of Melbourne’s first choices for top quality air conditioning installation, maintenance and repairs. With our highly trained, skilled and experienced professionals on hand to provide your home or business with top quality service and workmanship, we have earned a reputation for being one of the best in the industry.

Our team has countless experiences dealing with evaporative cooling systems for installation, servicing and repair and can be trusted in our expert technician’s hands. We help maximise longevity by ensuring you receive ongoing support and care for your unit.

Alpha Air is dedicated to ensuring ongoing customer satisfaction long after installation, simply get in contact with our team, and we will come out to your property to provide a service.

Book a FREE consultation with our Expert Team

For more details regarding what products are most suitable for your home, call us at 1300 854 525 or click here for further information from our experienced team.

At Alpha Air, we are dedicated to providing our valued customers with an impeccable standard of service. We will be more than happy to provide detailed information on this product or come out to your property to produce a quote.

As part of our service, we can visit your premises and provide you with a free assessment to highlight the most efficient choice for your requirements.

No two homes are identical… nor are the home comfort solutions they use!

While many of our systems give you complete temperature control all year long, not all may be appropriate for your needs.

That’s why our team doesn’t just pick a standard option from our catalogue – we make a choice following an in-depth inspection of the property and a deep understanding of your requirements.

All of this ensures that you get the ideal installation – one that accounts for:

Room Volume
Insulation Material
Ventilation and Airflow
Windows and Orientation

Each of these can influence what is most appropriate for your home.

Our team look beyond your budget, taking each of these considerations into account.

We’ll also consider the presence of existing systems.

Tailored Solutions For Your Melbourne Home

While reverse cycle technologies are our specialty, we can also provide your home with pure heating and cooling units if needed.

The result? Tailored solutions to your individual needs!

Our Evaporative Cooling Brands

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