Ducted Heating System Installation in Melbourne

  • Energy-efficient technologies that bring down your bills
  • Tailored design to suit your home and budget
  • Reverse cycle technology delivers year-round comfort

Get a ducted heating system that’s perfect for your home, needs and budget!

You’ve probably heard us talking a lot about “reverse cycle” technologies, and there’s certainly a reason we’re so fond of it. We genuinely believe in the benefits of a single solution that offers both warmth and cooling to deliver year-round comfort for you and your family.

Clever zoning technology gives you, even more control and flexibility, so you can choose exactly which rooms receive warmth and cooling. For example, you can ensure your study stays warm during winter when working from your abode. But when the working day is done, there’s no need to keep that room warm. Instead, you can direct airflow to bedrooms, just in time for sleep.

Ducted heating system service and repairs

No electronics continue to work effectively without being maintained. On top of installation, our team are an expert in servicing. Whether it’s a breakdown, replacing a broken component or preventative maintenance to ensure it’s ready for the coming winter, our ducted heating service and repairs are just what you need. Our standard servicing ensures your everything is working efficiently and effectively, keeping you and your family winter warm. Unexpected breakdown? In most cases, we can offer an emergency repair service.

Upgrade and replace

s your outdated system causing you more concern than comfort? If you’re finding your system is prone to unexpected faults, has caused your bills to skyrocket, or simply isn’t working as effectively as it should, consider upgrading and replacing. Did you know? In some cases, upgrading an existing ducted heating system is as simple as swapping out the furnace for a newer model and connecting it to your existing ductwork. In some cases, we can even replace an old furnace with a reverse-cycle technology that adds cooling functionality to the mix – give us a call today to find out what we can do for your home.

Experience The Best Of One-Day Ducted Heating Installation

Don’t shiver through yet another chilly Melbourne morning. Our experts have refined and perfected the installation process down to a single day!

It’s our mission to complete the job as quickly as possible, minimising the amount of time you spend without a warm home.

Our highly detailed inspection allows us to choose the best solutions and set up for you and to anticipate and plan for any challenges we may face.

Want to learn more about your installation choices and if it’s right for you? Get in touch with Alpha Air today.

Flexible Ducted Heating System Installations

The floor isn’t the only place your ducts can be positioned – we can also place them in your ceiling.

Ceilings are often much more spacious than underneath floors – in many cases, placement in the ceiling might be preferable to the floor because it is usually much more straightforward.

Of course, this requires a different skillset from a traditional floor option. Our team has the experience and skill needed to keep you warm during Melbourne’s chilly winters.

The most important part of your installation is the plan.

You don’t want complications or issues that stretch out the timeline, drive up the cost of the set-up process and most importantly, leave you without a warm home.

A good plan allows us to provide you with a plan to overcome all manner of issues such as…

Ceiling space

Ducts take up space – if your ceiling doesn’t have the room needed, your installation in Melbourne will not succeed.

Our initial consultation includes an inspection of your ceiling space – this helps us evaluate the logistics and allows us to plan around obstacles like wiring.

House design

What type of insulation does your house use? Is yours an open-plan home? Does your property have a lot of windows that face the sun?

These are some of the design factors that can influence what you need to keep your home warm.

Room volume

Big rooms require more powerful heating systems to keep warm – it’s really that simple.

We account for room volume and open-plan designs when determining what is most suitable for your needs. This determines which condenser to choose, as well as how extensive your vent network will have to be.

We offer homeowners in Melbourne a more powerful and even warmth throughout their property as specialists in this type of heating system.

Our team understands that no two houses are alike – that’s why each solution we propose is designed from the ground up with your specific house design in mind.

We look at a wide range of variables that might affect how powerful a unit you need and which may pose a challenge to a successful installation.

These may include:

Room Sizes
House Floor Plan
Ventilation and Airflow
Room and House Orientation
Build Materials
Window Size and construction

We ensure that you get the very best well suited to your needs by taking a tailored approach. It’s with pride that our system design is used to ensure that any unexpected roadblocks are considered and addressed, so we know what the set-up process will entail and how long it will take.

Fast & Efficient Ducted Heating System Installation

We offer homeowners in Melbourne a more powerful and even warmth throughout their property as specialists in this type of heating system.

Ducted Heating Brands we work with

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